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Meisterplan iOS App

More Efficient Resource Management with the Meisterplan MyProjects iOS App

Meisterplan combines project portfolio and resource planning in a unique and interactive software. The free Meisterplan MyProjects app enhances your Meisterplan Cloud account and makes your project portfolio and resource management planning easier and more efficient than ever. Meisterplan MyProjects lets you keep an eye on your pending projects wherever you are.

Meisterplan MyProjects Apple App
Keep an Eye on Your Pending Projects at All Times
The app uses the plan data status of the entire project portfolio in Meisterplan as a data basis. Changes to the overall plan that affect your projects are displayed directly in the app.
  • Keep an eye on your projects, with a daily view of your pending, personal projects or with a weekly view.

  • All capacities are accounted for in the view.

  • Get a visual warning about capacity constraints for the selected time frame.

screenshot of daily view in Meisterplan MyProjects Apple App
How to Use the Meisterplan Myprojects App for iOS
  • Download the app from iTunes to your mobile device (To use the free app, you need to have a Meisterplan account. If you do not yet have one, register for a demo account and start using it to solve your multi-project resource management puzzles with Meisterplan and Meisterplan MyProjects.)

  • The app is suitable for devices with iOS 9 and higher.

  • You will need to have WiFi or mobile internet access.

Meisterplan MyProjects App für iOS/Apple

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