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Gain Visibility into Agile Work for a Complete Picture with Meisterplan for Jira

Jira has helped teams dramatically improve how they execute on work in an Agile environment. Organizations still find it a challenge to get a clear picture of all work, both agile and traditional. It is even more difficult to use that information to build realistic timelines, manage resource requirements across teams, and make informed decisions that move the organization forward.

Meisterplan for Jira is now part of your Meisterplan solution. This Jira integration helps bring visibility to all of your Agile work alongside your whole portfolio of projects. This helps organizations plan and coordinate resources to ensure that all projects can be completed on time. By integrating Jira data into Meisterplan’s Lean PPM process and SaaS solution, teams can now build plans that have the right people focusing on the right work at the right time.

Use Meisterplan for Jira for agile portfolio management.
Combine Agile and Non-Agile Work into a Single View

While Agile has been quickly adopted by many teams, many other parts of the business still use more traditional planning methods. In fact, over 70% of companies use multiple project management methods to deliver work today. Meisterplan can pull current data from multiple sources simultaneously, so your company is able to compare agile work, even when managed in several Jira instances, alongside waterfall projects.  This enables data-driven decision making including the ability to set accurate priorities, and easily identify and allocate the needed resources.

Build Accurate Timelines Without Changing the Way Your Teams Work

Meisterplan for Jira has a unique “estimated completion” feature that will calculate an estimated completion date based on resource availability and outstanding issues. Without having to add any additional data in Jira, your teams can now plan with greater clarity and ensure that resources are not the bottleneck.

Meisterplan for Jira has a unique “estimated completion” feature to estimate the completion date of agile work.
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  • Meisterplan for Jira is a great integration tool if you are using Sprint based workflows in Jira.  The integration further assists Meisterplan in communicating the task work in a visual way for executive management.  It keeps a pulse on the work getting completed (and not completed) across the enterprise while showing the hierarchal priority and context to other projects and programs.  This is helping us get more rigor around estimates and time tracking across multiple workflows.

Brittany Leigh Jonaitis, Senior Director Program Management, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) at ATTOM Data Solutions

Build Realistic Resource Plans

With Meisterplan for Jira, it is easy to see exactly how much work is in progress in order to build a more comprehensive resource plan that recognizes the resource requirements across all teams. Deadlines will be met because you can ensure the necessary people are available.

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Meisterplan for Jira gives your company a long-term view of priorities.
Adapt Strategy as Priorities Change

As businesses evolve, they must be able to react and build proactive plans to manage changing priorities. While Agile is great at giving organizations the flexibility to quickly adapt the work that is being done, it does not help determine when larger strategic changes are needed. By leveraging Meisterplan for Jira, your company can gain a long-term view of their priorities. You can also quickly determine and communicate strategic changes to your agile teams to ensure execution is focused on the most important tasks.

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“With Meisterplan we were productive in just a few hours without extensive training. It offers the chance to use our own project management method which makes it quite simple to roll out.”

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