Project Description

Meisterplan + Excel

Easily Import and Export Project Data to and from Excel

Many businesses manage detailed project data in numerous Excel spreadsheets. This provides good support for the implementation of individual projects, but to make strategic project portfolio decisions, you need to have integrated data for an overview of all information from the various data sources. Relieve Excel of its duties as a planning tool by loading your existing data in Meisterplan.

Import and Export with Meisterplan + Excel
From Chaos in Excel to an Integrated Project Portfolio
Meisterplan is a resource-based, interactive PPM software. You can use your existing Excel data for the initial setup.
  • Consolidate your data with Meisterplan, even if it comes from multiple Microsoft Excel sources. This will give you a comprehensive view of your project portfolio.

  • Use the imported content of your project portfolio to simulate different scenarios including changes to prioritization, financing, scheduling of projects and changes to resource capacities – all within Meisterplan.

  • Communicate the plan changes; you can even export the new plan to your familiar Excel structure.

  • There is a pivot export with all the allocations, and you can export all your data as a complete package to Excel.

Screenshot displaying the option to import your own data into Meisterplan through the Excel template.
How to Use Excel Import/Export
  • In the main menu, you will find the option to load your plan data directly from Excel.

  • There are two Excel import modes:
    Keep and Update – this mode lets you keep all of your plan data, update it, and add new elements.
    Delete and Replace – this mode lets you delete the existing data in Meisterplan and replace it with the newly imported projects, resources, and roles.

  • You can also use the Excel Connector (Excel-ODBC interface) to select your Excel template and import the data.

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