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Project Description

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Meisterplan = SOAP-API

Gain Flexibility for Your Data with the Meisterplan API

Meisterplan offers you access to your data through a straightforward, high-performance, secure application program interface (API).

You can use our SOAP-based web-services interface to create, retrieve, update, and delete data records. You can also use the SOAP API for search functions and much more.


Meisterplan API
Meisterplan SOAP-based API
Endless Possibilities for Your Data with the Soap-Based Meisterplan API
  • Meisterplan’s SOAP-based API allows your own applications to interact with Meisterplan

  • Added functionality includes, for example, integrating Meisterplan data with your ERP and financial system.

How to Use Meisterplan’s Soap-Based API
Access the Meisterplan API directly in the application.
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